I am so pleased to bring you SurfaceTiler - a software program I developed with my good friend and programmer Dana Cartwright. I have been using similar custom software to facilitate my carpet designing for over 18 years. Now, with the introduction of Mixed Message, my newest carpet design for Tandus Centiva, I'm happy to share some of the capability of my custom software.

First, a little about Mixed Message

Mixed Message is a revolutionary new carpet tile product. It takes carpet tile to a new place. It has already won two awards for innovation and technology.

Mixed Message is a single SKU but it is a collection of four coordinated, unique, separate patterns. They are all tufted on a single machine at the same time so matching of yarn and color are assured. Before they are cut into tiles, they go through the finishing process together so texture and pattern is uniform as well.

Each tile pattern is 18” wide, tufted side to side, and transition from one pattern to the next across the 6 foot wide machine. All four tile patterns were designed from the same theory or concept.

Having a common theme assures the tiles of working well together visually. Each tile has a different number of colors or different arrangement of color, but they all share colors. This achieves a



 sophisticated and harmonious layout of tiles as well as making future damaged tile replacement less noticeable.

The collection is only a 65 yard minimum including all four tile patterns packaged together.

While initially developed to work with Mixed Message, I’m pleased to announce that you can use Surface Tiler to layout all of the products I've designed for Tandus Centiva!

The real genius that arose from this collection is the SurfaceTiler software. Using mathematical algorithms, you can “auto-generate” a layout in seconds and send the simulation and the installation diagram to any graphics program. This autogenerate feature shows hundreds of possibilities to inspire the mind. Additionally, designers can easily edit a generated layout or make a custom layout manually by “drawing” with the tiles. The tiles automatically snap to the many included layouts such as herringbone, vertical ashlar, monolithic, and quarter pair. Also, during the design process, the software dynamically keeps track of the tile usage according to the room size specification.

You can download SurfaceTiler free from my website. Please watch the introductory video below and then give SurfaceTiler a try - make sure you watch my tutorials! Let me know what you think and what you think we could do to improve it by filling out the feedback page. Feel free to ask me questions too!