People have asked me to create a tutorial on how to make the face masks we've done here at the studio and to include a pattern so they (and others) can make them as well - for themselves and friends. So here is the tutorial and a link to the pattern (a pdf file) that you can download.  These masks not only work for medical personnel to wear over their N95 masks, but also for the rest of us to wear all by themselves when we are out in public.


We started making washable cotton face masks at the studio for the ER personnel in my neighbor’s hospital. They are able to extend the life of their N95 masks by wearing these cotton masks over them.  We use two different fabrics so the wearers can tell which side they’ve used; they don’t want reverse them accidentally and risk putting the contaminated side towards their face. We are using fabrics left over from our project making custom fabrics for the Aria Hotel because those uniforms needed to be strong enough to last through many commercial washings.